The Thunderbolt Kennywood Park 1977

The classic wooden roller coaster was built in 1968 at Kennywood Park in West Mifflin Pennsylvania outside Pittsburgh. It was and still is a fantastic roller coaster. I took my photography classes from The Ivy School of Professional Art on field trips to Kennywood. It was and still is a great tableau in which the view the human circus.

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The Thunderbolt

The Thunderbolt–Kennywood Park

Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh has been around for a long time and like any amusement park they periodically upgrade their rides. When I was a kid we had the Jackrabbit,Pippin and the Racing Coasters. In 1968 they remodeled the Pippin and turned the old wooden roller coaster into The Thunderbolt which we waited for with great anticipation. This image of riders on one of the drops was taken in 1976 and you can purchase a print at my commercial site by clicking here.

The Thunderbolt Kennywood Park