The Thunderbolt Kennywood Park 1977

The classic wooden roller coaster was built in 1968 at Kennywood Park in West Mifflin Pennsylvania outside Pittsburgh. It was and still is a fantastic roller coaster. I took my photography classes from The Ivy School of Professional Art on field trips to Kennywood. It was and still is a great tableau in which the view the human circus.

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The Thunderbolt


Candidate 11–Forever Young

I am going to be posting images that I may have posted before with a candidate # thereby collecting a list of what I feel would be likely candidates to print for a gallery show of my Photojournalism. I am only selecting from images taken in the 21st Century and not including any older analog photography. This was taken at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. I can see these two like myself riding the Wild Mouse when we were young. Please feel free to leave comments if you agree or disagree about including them in a “best of” list.

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Forever Young

Forever Young

Surf Banana!

Why is there a banana on top of the lifeguard station? Was it rescued form the surf? It is a good luck symbol? I guess I will never know but baking in the sun like that I am sure it wasn’t anything I would eat! See other images and buy prints at my commercial site.


The Ageless Pier

The Steel Pier has withstood many a challenge over the years including storm after storm that have attempted to destroy it. There are no more “Famous Diving Horses” which have been replaced at one end of the pier by helicopter rides and the Darwin Awards favorite, “The Slingshot” but the pier lives on and seems almost ageless. No matter your age, if you are in Atlantic City you gotta check out the pier! You can see other images and buy prints at my commercial gallery.

The Ageless Steel Pier

The Ageless Steel Pier

The Thunderbolt–Kennywood Park

Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh has been around for a long time and like any amusement park they periodically upgrade their rides. When I was a kid we had the Jackrabbit,Pippin and the Racing Coasters. In 1968 they remodeled the Pippin and turned the old wooden roller coaster into The Thunderbolt which we waited for with great anticipation. This image of riders on one of the drops was taken in 1976 and you can purchase a print at my commercial site by clicking here.

The Thunderbolt Kennywood Park