Pittsburgh”s Art All Night May 16th

At 4 PM on May 16 the first online Art All Night event will take place. Normally for 24 hours artist and performers display the works in a warehouse in Pittsburgh. It is a large and fun event with food trucks, beer, performance art, music and free for all to enter and attend. This year the event will be virtual but still have on line music, performance art and a gallery of two dimensional art and sculpture. Anyone can submit art and you will professional art displayed side by side with children’s finger paintings.

This year I am submitting Steel City Flyer. This is a photo I took of a jet ski flyer soaring in front of Heinz Field.

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Steel City Flyer

Didn’t Make the Cut #1–Steel City Flyer

Working with a curator means that not all the images submitted will be used. Galleries can only hold so many pieces so some of my images didn’t make the cut for the Moment and Souls Exhibition. This one is entitled Steel City Flyer and was taken at the 2016 Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta.

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Steel City Flyer