Why I Hate Deer

When we moved to the Pocono Mountains we oohed and awed over the deer. Our real estate agent said you will learn to hate them. I thought I never could hate such a pretty animal. We lived backed up to the woods on a fenced acre of land and the fence and our border collie kept the deer and bear away. Still they were a nuisance and we actually had to have a deer cull every year to control the population. It wasn’t until we moved to Regent Square that I began to hate them.

Yesterday I shared an image an image of a large tiger lily. Today they are all gone as are the red ones. They come like stealth invaders at night, eat our flowers and crap on our lawn. They are bad neighbors and wish they would stay in the park. There is plenty of food in the park. In the Poconos I would shoot at them with a pellet gun to scare them off but I can’t do that here. Sure they are pretty but so are our flowers which we rarely get to see due to their insatiable appetites. I hate deer.

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