What’s In a Name?

I always thought that terrine was just another name for pâté. I learned through my travels that they are different, but both are delicious. In French or Belgian cuisine, a pâté is baked in a crust as pie. However, if it is baked in baked in a mold it is know as a terrine. This one was from a Parisian cafe and most excellent. To purchase a a print of this image, click here.

A delicious terrine in a Parisian Cafe

5 responses to “What’s In a Name?

  1. What’s in a name ? The first meaning of terrine is earthenware vessel (terre = earth or clay), a recipient made of clay like a tajin in Morocco . In both cases the name of the recipient gave the name of the food made in it .
    In the pâtés family, there are several different ways of preparations, thus you can find “rillettes” or “rillons”, “graisserons”, as well as “fromage de tête”, which is not a sort of cheese but a sort of pâté, a “charcuterie” to be correct .

    • Ahh,good information. I love charcuterie. Recently we have an authentic French restaurant which offers many of these delicacies and an authentic boulangerie next door. Not bad for a place in the middle of nowhere.

  2. Middle of nowhere ? I thought you were in Paris .
    If you love charcuterie you’d rather travel a bit around France, because the pâtés, saucissons or saucisses are very different according to the regions .
    For me the only saucisses are from the south, like the famous saucisses de Toulouse ( I hate Frankfurt or Strasbourg saucisses ) .
    And if you don’t know you should try rillettes from Normandy ( from Le Mans ) . It’s another sort of “pâté” , yummi .
    When I go to Paris, I’m always annoyed by the kind of shit they sell in their supermarkets . No real French would buy most of those products in real France . You wouldn’t find them, anyway . It’s nearly like when I go to England or USA : in supermarkets they sell French” wines I never heard of in my life .

    • Your are a stockpile of information, I may ask advice before my next trip. Unfortunately, no we live in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania about 2 hours from New York City. We will move back to our home (Pittsburgh) next year we hope. We have been to Provence for a week a few year back visiting a friend in Valbonne and visited Nice, Antibes, Cannes and traveled up the route of Napoleon for a while. We have also been to Orleans. Next trip we will not go to Paris at all and hope to spend two months, one month in Valbonne or Antibes which we loved and another maybe in Burgundy or Normandy. This won’t be for a while though.

  3. Pocono Mountains ? Wow ! Sounds far away . Sure you don’t travel only for eating, but, as well as Brazilizans say their most beautiful women are found in Belem, the French acknowledge the two greatest gastronomic areas of France are found around Lyon and the south-west . Interestingly enough, these are the two main poultry regions ( ducks, geese, guinea fowls and turkeys beside hens and capons) and both enjoy top wines : Burgundy and Bordeaux .

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