A Night at The Ballpark

This year we have been to 5 Pittsburgh Pirates games and one Steelers game and the two experiences couldn’t be more different. Of course we can afford to have seats on the 100 level for the Bucs and for the Steelers we were in the 500’s near the end zone. At the Bucs game you feel you are out for a night with friends you don’t know. All age groups are represented and yes there are a few drunks and occasionally you may here a swear word.

The NFL game is totally different. People have been drinking and tailgating for hours. There are no children. There are a lot of very large men. Even the language is different. Even the restrooms are different. You feel kind of on edge at all times. Women can’t have purses or fanny packs and are forced to carry their stuff in clear plastic bags they sell outside the gates. Photographers can’t have telephoto lenses and being profane and drunk seems to be a requirement. We are going to see another Steelers game in October and we will be better prepared. My wife has her plastic bag and I will not be carrying a camera and hell yah I will swear damn it!

From last nights game at PNC Park Cubs v Pirates. Note the bartenders at McFadden’s before the game move so fast they actually blur in photos!

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Walking along the river

Walking along the river



View from Our Seats

View from Our Seats

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