Living Dead Weekend

Evans City Pennsylvania has long been the epicenter of the Zombie culture. It was here that George Romero largely photographed Night of the Living Dead which is the movie that really started the zombie phenomenon. A few years ago The Living Dead Museum moved to Evans City. The museum had previously been in Monroeville Mall. Over the last three years they have had had a free three day event which features location tours, photo ops with the stars from the films,costume and car parades and other fun events.

This year I went with friends to promote my book Zombie Nights and of course I took a few pictures.

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One response to “Living Dead Weekend

  1. I live about five minutes from Evans City. I’ve been hearing about the movie my whole life and I’ve watched it several times. I’ve also visited the cemetery and it’s definitely creepy. It’s pretty cool that the zombie craze started in my neck of the woods and so many people come to visit each year. Good luck with your book and thanks for sharing your pictures!

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