My Kind of Selfie

If you know me you know that like most people I am kinda shy about being photographed. When I was in my 20’s or 30’s I didn’t mind it so much. It was before surgeries and hair growing out of unusual places. I am still kind of fit and flexible for my age but don’t like the camera on me much. So selfies are not my thing. I don’t mind the occasional selfie but tend to think I am just screwing up the view of what I want to share. I don’t mind the vanity of others and kind of find it amusing.

So here is a selfie of me in The Indiana Cafe in Paris at Guerre Montparnasse in 2011. It is actually a refection off of a table, I am the foreground blob, you can see the waitress talking to my wife and a man standing up to my left. This is my kind of self portrait. I have posted some others below.

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My Kind of Selfie

My Kind of Selfie

selfportrait Sand Portrait[/caption]

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

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