Dawn of The Dead 40th Anniversary

Next weekend beginning June 8 Zombies will once again invade Pittsburgh and Monroeville. This year they come to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of George Romero’s cult classic Dawn of The Dead at The Living Dead Weekend.

Since I can not attend the event I have decided to make this week Zombie Week on my blog. All week I will feature behind the scene images from my book Zombie Nights: My Two Nights with the Loving Dead

Starting June 6 can also order a kindle version of Zombie Nights: My Two Nights With Living Dead for just $.99 by. To get your digital Kindle book click here.

The book features over 50 behind the scenes image plates and a stunning cover design by UK illustrator Peter Johnson. You can also purchase the trade paperback at Amazon link above.

Hope all my Zombie pals have a great convention and enjoy their time in Pittsburgh!

Zombie Nights

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