Zane Grey House

Most people think of Zane Grey as a man of the west. However when he took up writing full time and gave up his dental career in 1905 he moved to a house at the confluence of the Lackawaxen and Delaware rivers in Pennsylvania. He wrote a lot of his novels there before moving his family to California in 1918.

Today his a house is a beautifully maintained museum near a great spot to view Bald Eagles on the Delaware river.

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The Zane Grey House

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I recently began working on my third book, “Zombie Nights” and decided I probably need to have an authors page at Amazon. Zombie Nights is a look back on two nights in 1977 where I went without sleep to cover the making of Dawn of The Dead at Monroeville Mall outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Click here to access my new Author’s Page and click follow on the page to be notified about the release of Zombie Nights

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