Big Ben Down

Tonight the Pittsburgh Steelers will play their arch rival Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field missing their ace who was seriously injured last week. Real Steeler fans call the Ravens the “Old Browns” because former Browns owner Art Model deserted Cleveland and moved his team to Baltimore. He was kind of like the Lebron James of his time. He was not allowed to keep the old franchise name because of the way he “stiffed” the city of Cleveland and a new team was finally installed in that city. Browns fans insist that they have a rivalry with Pittsburgh, but real Steelers fans know it is the Ravens and not the Browns we really hate. You can’t blame Baltimore, hell their owner literally moved the Colts out of town in the middle of the night leaving that city without a team for years. The loss of Big Ben will make it harder to win tonight, but real Steeler fans will keep the faith. You can buy a print of healthy Big Ben by clicking here.

Big Ben!

People hate him because of his sordid past. I like him because he wins football games which is really all I want from my Quarterback. This was taken at training camp two years ago before he served his four game suspension. He was very nervous that fans would boo him but in Latrobe he just got cheers, not jeers. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial site by clicking here.

Big Ben at Training Camp in 2010