Blowing in the Wind

I was out taking pictures of fall foliage and saw the reflections of the trees in the pond. I thought about Monet and wanted to do something that was homage to his style. The first image I took had extreme depth of field and the leaves in the pond were as sharp as the rocks. The result was a pretty but cluttered image and not at all Monet like. I then experimented with depth of field but to no avail. I could get the leaf reflection to be less sharp but then some of the rocks and the background would be unsharp and destroy the eye-flow. So I used mother nature and waited for the wind. I used f-32 and a slow shutter speed so the reflections become blurred through movement. Maybe not as good as Monet but a worthy salute anyhow. You can purchase a print of this image on my commercial taller by clicking here.

Blowing in the Wind