Worlds Apart–Coming in 2017

Worlds Apart is the second book in the DreamMap series. While Jake stays in Ireland to help Stan find his missing niece, Rose takes on a mission that keeps the young newlyweds separated. Rose and Linda have there confidence tested and take on more than they can handle and danger threatens to keep Jake and his bride Worlds Apart!

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Worlds Apart - A DreamMap Novel

Worlds Apart
A DreamMap Novel

Anne Frankhuis Amsterdam

The only time I ever went to the Anne Frankhuis I only had a two megapixel digital camera with me. It was in 2002 and their weren’t too many cameras that higher resolution and since I didn’t have high speed film, the digital camera was the only choice. As I looked out of the window staring at the tree that she saw every day and wrote about, a group of school children were marching by on their way to school. It struck me in an instant that she witnessed this same scene every day as she was cut off from being a children. It still brings tears to my eyes. You can see other work from my European Gallery by clicking here.

Anne Fankhuis Amsterdam NL