Didn’t Make the Cut #2—Sunday In the Park

Working with a curator means that not all the images submitted will be used. Galleries can only hold so many pieces so some of my images didn’t make the cut for the Moment and Souls Exhibition. This one is entitled Sunday in the Park and was taken in 2009 at Luxembourg Palace in Paris France

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Sunday In the Park

Sunday in Paris

We live in a violent world. A friend reminded me yesterday of two other hideous events that happened this week in Beirut and Bagdad where more lives were lost than in Paris. Yet the violence in Paris impacted me more. Why? I guess because I have been there a few times and Paris is familiar. Of course that doesn’t make rational sense, horror is horror and terror is terror. It does however make emotional sense in the same way that seeing the fall of the World Trade Centers forces a visceral response.

In any case today is Sunday and although the season is wrong, this is the way I think of Paris on Sundays. I hope Parisians are taking to the streets,buying baguettes and enjoying the gardens.

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Sunday in Paris

Sunday in Paris

Portrait of Straw

I came across this straw sculpture in the Gardens at Luxembourg Palace in Paris France. I tried photographing it a couple of different ways. It seemed to look best when acting as a frame for a portrait. However, since it is not a portrait of the person, I used a reduced depth of field and kind of like the result. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Straw Portrait