Have Harp Will Travel

One of the things I love about traveling in different parts of the world are the variety of street performers.In Prague they have pianos scattered around the city in public places with signs that say play me. In Paris we saw a string quartet. In Germany we saw organ grinders. In San Francisco we saw someone playing the Chapman stick.

Of course guitars, fiddles and singers are common everywhere. However In Puerto Morelos I saw a new one for the first time. We were leaving when we passed this man heading towards the sqaure. Kinda of sorry I didn’t stay around to heard him play.

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Have Harp Will Travel

R.I.P. George Duke

The world lost a great musician today. He performed with some of the greatest musicians of our time and will be missed. You can purchase prints of this image on my commercial site.

George Duke with Frank Zappa

George Duke with Frank Zappa