Summer Fun

Labor Day weekend usually signifies the end of Summer. Once again, the kids are back in school and traffic and schedules for everyone become more rigid because of it. Even if you don’t have children, you don’t want to get caught behind “the late bus” climbing up the mountain on a two lane road. So here is a video highlighting some fun we had this Summer. To see more images and buy prints or apparel visit my commercial gallery.

3 responses to “Summer Fun

      • You got me inspired, but, I try to limit my video work. Slide show’s I am O.K., but vids is to much brain work. I do not edit them. If I could team up with a video fan as a project….who knows?

        I agree and hope to see more. Was it a lot of work?

        For fun: under solid rock baptist church or owners representative or Google+/YouTube. Taken with a Canon S100

        Enjoy the day!

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