Florida Waterfall

This title is really a stretch. Florida doesn’t really have waterfalls. The highest elevation in the state id 345 feet so the terrain doesn’t lend itself to what a Pennsylvanian would call a waterfall. There are cascades and rapids however in some of the rivers and streams. Florida also has wonderful and well run State Parks with great facilities that are well maintained. This picture was taken at Hillsborough River State Park north of Tampa.

I didn’t have a tripod but was able to rest the camera on a railing and take this picture at a shutter speed of 1/8th of a second at f22 with an ISO of 100. Normally I would use a tripod for this kind of shot but have been impressed with Nikon’s VR {vibration reduction} lenses and risked the shot. It turned out so well I am sorry I did not experiment with even slower shutter speeds.

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Florida Waterfall

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