The Charles Bridge of Praha

The Charles Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks of Prague. We were in Prague for five days and The Charles Bridge was always crowded. I am sure early in the morning it is not as crowded and less crowded on week days. However it is like the Ponte Vecchio of Praha (Prague) and if you were there you wouldn’t miss it. It is a pedestrian bridge and connects the old city with the Prague Castle area.

This picture was taken from the gardens at Prague Castle looking down on the old bridge.

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The Charles Bridge


Sunset in Cancun

It takes a dedicated photographer to capture a sunrise. You have to get up in the dark, get yourself awake and to the location and be alert enough to remember how the camera works. Sunsets are much easier. You may not be awake each day at sunrise unless you are Ben Franklin but we are all awake for sunset every day. This sunset was taken at Las Islas Shopping Center in Cancun Mexico.

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La Islas Sunset

Um, We Are Sharing…Right?

When you walk across the Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh to go to PNC Park it is closed to traffic during baseball games. These two provide a nice walking cadence but drumming is hard work on a hot and humid July evening. See more photojournalism and buy scenic prints and apparel at my commercial site.

Were sharing right?

Were sharing right?

The Bridge at Dingman’s Ferry

There are a number of ways to find my house in the Pocono Mountains but the most scenic way is to cross the wooden bridge over the Delaware at Dingman’s Ferry. This bridge is relatively unchanged for over 112 years. It is picturesque and the speed limit is 15 MPH (strictly enforced) but worth the trip. Actual people collect the $1 toll. You can see other autumn views by clicking here.

The Bridge at Dingman’s Ferry