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It is the second anniversary of the publication of ” A Hundred Places I Went to Before I Died” It is still available on Amazon.Com and a digital version is available on iTunes.

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A Hundred I Went To Before I Died

A Hundred I Went To Before I Died

Panning Running Deer

Most still photographers don’t think about panning very much. Panning is commonly used in cinematography but in still photography will cause motion blur. Sometimes motion blur can make an image work by giving the illusion of motion. If you place the camera on a tripod and pan with the action during a slow shutter speed you can still create blurred motion but through panning make the subject blur less. This was shot at an exposure of 1 second and the camera was panned with the action during exposure. The panning causes the background to blur but by panning with the action the deer are not blurred as much making them stand out. You can see more of my nature images at my gallery by clicking here

Running Deer


Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Capturing a photographic moment requires light, object and observer, What makes photographing fire so interesting is that the object and light are the same thing. However the flame is in constant change as the fuel is consumed and the flame interacts with wind and other elements. The shapes created are almost a Rorschach test contain hidden images and creating familiar shapes. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial site by clicking here.

Yellow Ribbon


I love the art of street photography. I think I like it because if you do it right, the photographer is only recording and not impacting the emotion or action of a scene. Ever since I learned about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle I felt an obligation as a photographer to minimize the observer effect when shoot on the street. This was taken while waiting for my family while they were shopping in Chicago. Had the young lady seen me, I doubt if she would have reacted so strongly to the Wicked Advertisement. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial site by clicking here.