Bodies in Motion Redux

A number of years ago I made a video entitled Bodies In Motion. I didn’t like it. So I remade it a while back and never published it. Hope you find it entertaining. The only video I ever did creating most of the sound track in Garage Band.

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Panning Running Deer

Most still photographers don’t think about panning very much. Panning is commonly used in cinematography but in still photography will cause motion blur. Sometimes motion blur can make an image work by giving the illusion of motion. If you place the camera on a tripod and pan with the action during a slow shutter speed you can still create blurred motion but through panning make the subject blur less. This was shot at an exposure of 1 second and the camera was panned with the action during exposure. The panning causes the background to blur but by panning with the action the deer are not blurred as much making them stand out. You can see more of my nature images at my gallery by clicking here

Running Deer