Mexican Beauty

Street performers in Mexico are a whole lot different than in the United States or other countries. Most wear exotic costumes and frequently have exotic pets like large snakes or or lizards with them. This group was seen performing outside the entrance to Tulum in Quintana Roo.

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Mexican Beauty

The Taste Buds

Penn State University had a fraternity fund raiser called the Phi Si 500. It was a race, where runners had to run a mile and stop and drink a beer at a number of bars along the way. They would frequently do so in costume. This is Bud Man leading the Taste Buds to the next bar in State College PA during the 1980’s. The University and the City finally agreed to prohibit the race and the Fraternity created a more standard fun raising event. You can purchase a copy of this print by clicking here.

The Taste Buds State College, PA