The Girl in The Blue Dress

I published the full color version of this image in 2008 entitled Graffiti and The Girl. In looking back I realized that the image suffered from too much color and too much clutter.

I decided to edit the vision and after cropping to remove some of the clutter, I did some masking and selective color. I think the result is stunning.

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The Girl in The Blue Dress

Brera at Night

A great place to dine in Milan is in the Brera which is one of the arts districts in the City. It was not far from our hotel and i asked the Concierge if it was safe to walk and he assured me it was. We had a lovely dinner and walking back we saw this young coed walking by herself through the streets and realized it surely must be safe. You can buy a print of this one or see others on my European Gallery by clicking here.

Brera at Night

Brera at Night

Going for a Walk

These two images were taken on the same street in Milan Italy, seconds apart. Two women in different stages of life enjoying a beautiful Italian day. One struggling to take steps but determined to do so, the other young and strutting her stuff. You can see other photojournalistic and scenic images of Italy in my Europe portfolio by clicking here.

Going for a Walk in Milan Italy