Panning Running Deer

Most still photographers don’t think about panning very much. Panning is commonly used in cinematography but in still photography will cause motion blur. Sometimes motion blur can make an image work by giving the illusion of motion. If you place the camera on a tripod and pan with the action during a slow shutter speed you can still create blurred motion but through panning make the subject blur less. This was shot at an exposure of 1 second and the camera was panned with the action during exposure. The panning causes the background to blur but by panning with the action the deer are not blurred as much making them stand out. You can see more of my nature images at my gallery by clicking here

Running Deer


Anne Frankhuis Amsterdam

The only time I ever went to the Anne Frankhuis I only had a two megapixel digital camera with me. It was in 2002 and their weren’t too many cameras that higher resolution and since I didn’t have high speed film, the digital camera was the only choice. As I looked out of the window staring at the tree that she saw every day and wrote about, a group of school children were marching by on their way to school. It struck me in an instant that she witnessed this same scene every day as she was cut off from being a children. It still brings tears to my eyes. You can see other work from my European Gallery by clicking here.

Anne Fankhuis Amsterdam NL

Place de Armes Montréal

Montreal is unmistakably a French City in the Canadian Province of Québec. You may forget that because most people speak English and the city is very cosmopolitan. If you speak English they will speak English and if you speak French they may have some trouble understanding you since their dialect is different than the French that is taught in USA schools. Although we are closer to Québec, we teach French in the way it is spoken in France. This is something I have never completely comprehended. This is the beautiful Place de Armes as taken from the steps of Notre Dame Cathedral (yes there is also a Notre Dame in Montréal). You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Place De Armes Montreal

Walking the Board

Waikiki Beach is world famous and crowded. It is like South Beach but on Oahu. You can see everything in Waikiki, surfing, swimming, sailboarding, street hustlers,vacationeers and scam artists. It is expensive to stay right on the beach and also expensive to rent surfboards there. These two young lady surfers found a very practical way for carrying their boards back to their lodgings. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Walking the Board

Emily in the Studio

Back in the day, special effects had to be created in the studio or in the darkroom. We didn’t have little drag and drop toys, cloning brushes,layers and other digital tools. Creativity started with the camera and the lighting. There was no auto-exposure, auto focus and vibration reduction. Don’t get me wrong, I love digital photography and have abandoned the old ways entirely. However, sometimes that feels like a sell out. This special effect was created in the studio using only a slide projector for lighting. I used this technique with a few models but this is the only one that can be shown since the others contain nudity but they can be seen in my commercial gallery by clicking here. You can purchase a print of this image by clicking here.

Emily in the Studio

New York City–Before The Towers Fell

Today is a day Americans will never forget. We all remember just where we were and what we were doing on 9/11/2001. The skyline of one of our key cities was attacked and changed forever. Thousands died, heroes were born. It was the first time the mainland of the United States was attacked since 1812 and it scarred our national psyche. As a people we have become angrier and more scared than ever before. Our journalists and politicians seem to want to keep us afraid and market fear to us every day. When you visit New York today you see a huge tower climbing out of the ashes to once again dominate the skyline. This image is a look back to what the city looked like before the day of terror. It will never look that way again but with the new tower the city will look more complete and who knows what the future will bring. The new skyline will become a monument to perseverance and grit and I can’t wait until it is complete because I hope it will help heal us as a country. You can buy a print of this image at my gallery by clicking here.

New York City before the Towers Fell

Trocadéro Plaza in Paris France

Millions of people visit the Eiffel Tower each year and going to the top is a rite of passage and offers one of the most famous view of Paris France. However, if you want to SEE the Eiffel Tower don’t cross the river. It is so large that the best place to view the tower is across the river on the famous Trocadéro Plaza. It is also a great spot to watch the sunset with the tower in front of the sun. Thousands come to the plaza each night just to see the sunset. If you get there early enough you can enjoy dinner from one of the many great cafes that offer views of the tower. You can buy a print of this image at my gallery by clicking here.

Trocadéro Plaza Paris France