When I took this picture I was focusing on the action at second base. Only during post production did I notice the bubble being blown by the center fielder. At first I thought there were two balls in the frame. Imagine if the ball was coming to the outfielder and the bubble exploded in his face as he was making the catch. You can see other images and buy a print of this one on my commercial gallery.



Seventh Inning Sleep

Maybe it was because the White Sox were loosing or the hotdogs. Maybe it was because of the warm humid afternoon or the promise of Independence Day fireworks later tonight. In any case, by the middle of the seventh he had lost the battle. See more images and buy prints and apparel at my commercial website.

7th Inning Sleep

New White Sox Fan

I went to U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago on Independence Day to see the White Sox beat Baltimore on Adam Dunn’s walk off home run. OH what a great game when you get to see your team hit a walk off home run! However, as usual the crowd was almost as entertaining as the game itself. A gorgeous young mother protects the littlest of fans from the summer sun. Buy prints and see other images by clicking here.

Mother and son

Chicago White Sox…Francisco Liriano

Big league pitchers are like Peacocks,each one is a little different. The camera gives you a unique point of view either by freezing the motion like in this shot or blurring motion. The camera sees what the eye can’t because the fastball is moving at about 90 miles an hour it is hard to appreciate the throwing motion. In this shot you can clearly see why Pitchers are on a pitch count. The torque exerted on the body is tremendous and the body requires a lot of healing time between games. This is Francisco Liriano of the Chicago White Sox showing his stuff. You can buy a print of this on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Francisco Liriano Chicago White Sox Pitcher

The Pitch Count

Well I am back from a nice holiday with family and friends. Along the way, got to see the Chicago White Sox play the Oakland Athletics at Cellular Field. The game was great, the fans were fun and those folks know how to make and grill encased meat. In any case I started to take some blurred motion pictures of the Pitchers and it really helped me to understand why pitchers are on a pitch count. In real time, you say big deal, but when you blur the motion you can see the incredible torque of the throwing motion. Some parts of their body remain perfectly still while the rest of their body is in high motion. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

The Pitch at U.S. Cellular Field