New White Sox Fan

I went to U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago on Independence Day to see the White Sox beat Baltimore on Adam Dunn’s walk off home run. OH what a great game when you get to see your team hit a walk off home run! However, as usual the crowd was almost as entertaining as the game itself. A gorgeous young mother protects the littlest of fans from the summer sun. Buy prints and see other images by clicking here.

Mother and son

Not Putin Around

Okay, so when I get up at 5:15 a.m. and run outside to take pictures of the sun rise without any coffee, I am not necessarily thinking too clearly. As I set up to wait for the sunrise I looked behind me and saw Vladimir Putin jogging up the boardwalk. I turned back to the sunrise. What!! I turned back and the guy was still far away. I didn’t notice any secret service or KGB and realized it was not Putin but just a jogger.
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Stay Back 200 Feet!

OK, this is the most stupid sign I have seen in a while. I mean c’mon man we don’t need a sign to tell us where the ocean is. Put up a 20 foot long burger or something; what a waste of ad space. And while I am ranting, this is for you Donald Trump, “Your hotels are dumps!” You couldn’t pay enough to stay at Dump Taj Mahal, god what a slash at India. See actual professional photos and buy prints at commercial galleries. This one is not for sale.

Stay Back 200 feet

Stay Back 200 feet

Surf Banana!

Why is there a banana on top of the lifeguard station? Was it rescued form the surf? It is a good luck symbol? I guess I will never know but baking in the sun like that I am sure it wasn’t anything I would eat! See other images and buy prints at my commercial site.


Before the Rise

It always amazes me how quickly the sun rises. In Atlantic City, or any eastern facing beach for that matter you get a clear view of the horizon. From the time of this picture until the sun is fully out of the water is only about 5 minutes so you have to have a plan. Just me and the gull and the sea. You can buy a print of this one and see others at my commercial gallery.

Before the Rise

Before the Rise


I have always been amazed with women and their love of shoes. As a former fashion photographer, I understand the importance of heels and the way they shape a woman’s leg. I understand wearing them out to a cocktail party or for special occasions but to walk on the boardwalk? I think this woman was especially asking for trouble. Yes the Atlantic City Boardwalk is one of the best constructed boardwalks in the world, but her heel is too skinny and things that can get caught usually do. Although I watched her for a while and seemed to have few problems. You can see other images and buy prints at my commercial gallery.